The Color of Sorrow
Isn't Blue

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How do you lose a child?

It's not so hard, really. You simply make one irredeemable choice.

For Bristol Taylor, that choice will haunt her for the rest of her life. With the first anniversary of little McKinsey Taylor's disappearance,  Bristol plans to escape to her stepmother's beach house -- which is no beach house at all, but a 20-foot trailer on a cracked slab in Half Moon Bay. It is a shell's throw from the water, she'll give her that.

All she wants is to be alone as she faces what she prays will be the one and only anniversary she has to endure. But Bristol's stepmother, sister and best friend have no intention of letting Bree spend the weekend by herself. This unlikely trio hijack her plans -- and her idea -- and hit the road for the coast, with Bristol an unwilling captive.

Love covers a multitude of sins, they say, but can it truly redeem the irredeemable?

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  What Readers are Saying

"The story and the characters are haunting me in the loveliest way." Patti

"I love the languid, literary style of this book. It reminds me of The Lovely Bones."  Linda

"I laughed, I cried, I held my breath more than once. A true emotional and literary masterpiece." Megan

"Right smack in the middle of an excruciatingly painful situation, Sharon finds incredible ways to inject humor, and it is WONDERFUL!" Judy 

Unraveled by Sharon Souza


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Aria Winters wants off the nut farm.

Literally. She wants to get as far away as she can from the Shunk-Winters family-run nut-farming business, so she takes her Bible school degree and heads to Moldova to teach English at a missionary school. Aria falls in love with all the children, but especially shy and beautiful Anya.

When the unthinkable happens, Aria begins to question what were once the absolutes in her life. She returns to the family compound, where she tries to hide from life, and most especially from God. But just as the Moldovan sunflowers can't help follow the face of the sun, so Aria must face the true Son. Can she live with what His light exposes?

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What Readers Are Saying

"An intelligent, engaging story ... thought-provoking and full of endearing characters." Camille

"I did not like Unraveled, I LOVED it!" Liz S., CA

"This is a book that ripped my guts out and I couldn't put down all at the same time. This is Christian fiction at its most powerful."  Megan S., Australia

Lying on Sunday

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For Abbie Torrington, betrayal and truth are about to collide.

Caught between daughters, Bailey and Becca, who want to keep her forever their father's widow, and a best friend who encourages her to toss out the memory–and everything else–of the husband who died in another woman's bed, Lying on Sunday is the story of one woman's journey back, on a road pitted with one unlikely pothole after another.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I just finished Lying on Sunday for the second time. I loved it! In a word, spectacular!" Deanne, CA

"I'm not finished reading Lying on Sunday yet and that's because I'm savoring every line ... I love your gift of humor."  Veronica, NJ

"I just finished Lying on Sunday, devoured it in two days - despite the fact that I'm in the final week of my masters degree and probably should have been at my computer instead!"  Jessica, South Africa



Every Good & Perfect Gift

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How far would you go for a friend?

Lifelong pals Gabby and DeeDee have weathered many storms together, including DeeDee's long struggle with infertility. When DeeDee and her husband finally have a healthy baby, they rejoice, believing they've faced their greatest challenge. Then comes the diagnosis that changes everything. A heartwarming story of a friendship that overcomes all odds.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I'm having trouble putting your book down, and definitely losing sleep. Crying and laughing!"  Your new fan, Carlene!

"A great selection for a women's book club!"  R.C., CA

"I have already recommended this book to everyone I know, so I had to come and post a review for the benefit of those I don't. This book is the best I've ever read. It's a masterpiece. The writing, dialogue, story line, every aspect of this book is fabulous. I will read it again."  Deanne, CA

A Heavenly Christmas by Sharon Souza
A Heavenly Christmas
in Hometown


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Eustace and Spencer are not your ordinary investigators.

They have been given a difficult assignment a long way from home just weeks before the holidays. Hometown's annual Christmas pageant is put on hold when the cantankerous Andrew Parsons insists on enforcing the new ordinance enacting separation of church and state. Not only that, he's fighting to retain the property his late wife left her nephew. It seems Andrew has his own plans for that property, and it doesn't include a new church.

Will Eustace and Spencer save the pageant, the property and make it A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown?

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What Readers Are Saying

"A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown is a delightful little book - just the thing to put you in a Yuletide frame of mind. Souza's writing is joyously playful, full of surprises, and the story is pure fun, about a little town facing the bleak prospect of a watered-down Christmas, and two very special investigators who've been dispatched to turn things around. The book is beautifully presented, with festive cover art, printed on fine paper . . . I'm wrapping one up with a jar of hot chocolate mix and a candy-cane or two, to give to someone I love. And I'm keeping one for myself, to read year after year." - Kathleen Popa, author of To Dance in the Desert
"What's better than being touched by an angel? How about a divine duo of double agents? I LOVED this delightful holiday tale woven around an important angelic assignment. One that touches not just a family but an entire community. Cleverly written using humor to reveal the flawed human condition and the lengths to which God will go to redeem it, it's a creative yet classic reminder of what on earth can happen when heaven comes down. And isn't that what Christmas is all about?" - Judi Braddy, author of True North

A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown
Christmas Play

A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown Play

Adapted from the novel A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown by Sharon K. Souza. Ideal for Churches, Christian High Schools & Colleges.

Up to 30 member cast, approximately 90 minutes to perform. $49 for the script.

To order, email me at


What Others Are Saying

"It is my pleasure to recommend a wonderful Christmas play, A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown. We presented the play to our community and it was very well received. I recommend it as a tool to share the meaning of Christmas and the story of redemption's love to your church and community. You won't be disappointed." - R. Dale Edwards, Senior Pastor, Century Assembly, Lodi, CA 

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